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Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor

The Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor is a great way to upgrade your existing Hunter controller to a weather based system. Solar Sync works by adjusting run times daily based on weather conditions measured by the sensor. The Solar Sync […]

New Watering Schedule for LADWP Customers

The City of Los Angeles has made some changes to the Water Conservation Ordinance which affects LADWP customers. As of August 25, 2010 watering days will be expanded and will be based on the customer’s street address. The number of watering […]

Pasadena Cool-Season Watering Restrictions Take Effect

New cool-season watering restrictions have gone into effect in the city of Pasadena. As of November 1st, watering outdoors is limited to one time per week. Residents have the option of watering on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday before 9 […]

Golden State Water Region II Watering Restrictions

Several of our customers get their water from Golden State Water Company (GSWC) Region II and we have had inquiries regarding the current watering restrictions for this district. Below you will find a full list of those restrictions as well […]

Bellflower Watering Restrictions

The City of Bellflower is the newest in a long line of cities and water districts to implement mandatory watering restrictions. A new ordinance was passed on July 13, 2009 that requires residents and businesses to abide by new rules […]

Long Beach Outdoor Watering Restrictions

I’ve had several customers ask me about water restrictions in the City of Long Beach. Below I’ve listed those that apply to landscape use of water. Please note that additional restrictions may apply. To see a complete list visit www.lbawater.org. […]

Thousands Cited For Breaking Drought Rules in L.A.

Approximately 4,000 citations have been issued in Los Angeles over the past year to violators of the city’s water conservation ordinance. According to DWP General Manager David Nahai, the majority of the citations were for 1st time offenders who only […]

Mandatory Water Conservation is Here!

Outdoor Watering Restrictions and Higher Rates Take Effect June 1st If you are a customer of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, beginning June 1st new outdoor watering restrictions and higher water rates will take effect. Are you […]

Top 10 Water Conservation Tips

Beginning June 1st, the city of Los Angeles has imposed water conservation measures on it’s residents. They will only be able to water their landscapes on Mondays and Thursdays. The city is also imposing higher rates when households exceed their […]