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Category "Pest Updates"

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Red Palm Weevil Invades Southern California

Red Palm Weevil Invades Southern California A new invasive pest was found recently in Southern California. This pest has the potential to cause some serious damage in the area. Southern California is known for it’s palms, and the Red Palm […]

Best Management Practices for Palm Diseases

I sat in on a presentation by Mr. Donald Hodel, an environmental horticulturist from the University of California Co-Operative Extension at UC Davis. He discussed best management practices for palm diseases, specifically Pink Rot, Fusarium Wilt, Sudden Crown Drop, and […]

Why are my Myoporums dying?

All across the Southern California coast, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, our landscapes are being attacked by a foreign invader. This enemy comes from Australia (or possibly New Zealand), is so tiny that you would probably miss it if […]